Jeff Siegel

Jeff Siegel, the Wine Curmudgeon, is a wine writer, wine critic and wine judge who specializes in inexpensive wine—the wine, he says, that most of us drink. He is author of The Wine Curmudgeon’s Guide to Cheap Wine and teaches wine, spirits and beer at El Centro College in Dallas.


The New Rules for Drinking Wine

In this age of wine in cans, sweet red wine and Instagram wine ­parties, it’s difficult to believe that there…


The Right Bubbly for Your Occasion

Americans drink the most sparkling wine—perhaps one-third of all that is sold in this country each year—between Thanksgiving and New…


Rosés Are Back in Stores

There’s good news for rosé ­drinkers as the 2022 pink wine season gets underway. The Trump wine tariff, which cut…


Box Wines for Holiday Gatherings

Three-liter box wines have become legitimate. They’re professionally made…can last as long as a month…and offer tremendous value. Here are the best from the Wine Curmudgeon.

Diet & Nutrition

Are “Healthy” Wines Better for You?

Are wines labeled “healthy” really better for you? Our wine expert weighs in.


Best Flavored Spirits for Your Holiday Celebration

Flavored spirits—infused with chocolate, mandarin, cucumber and more—are a tasty way to bring more cheer to your holidays. Drink on their own or as part of a cocktail.

Beware of Smoke Taint in American Wines: Another Wildfire Casualty

Recent wildfires can taint 2020 wines from California, Wash-ington and Oregon, causing them to taste like mild, smoky bacon or even burnt chemicals. What to know before you buy.

Alcoholic Drinks

The Best-Selling Sparkling Wines in the US

Prosecco is an incredibly popular, inexpensive, very tasty sparkling wine. Here, wine guru Jeff Siegel’s top picks plus tasty cocktail recipes.

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Wine in a Can—Delish or Disaster?

Wine in a can is a hot new trend, but beyond single serving, what’s so good about it? Here’s what you need to know.

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How to Store Wine—Plus 3 Affordable Wines That Get Better with Age

It's mostly a myth that good wine gets better with age. Most bottles don't. But you can ruin wine by storing it wrong. Here’s how to store wine.

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The Secret to Finding Great Cheap Wine

Great wines from famous places are overpriced. Here's how to find great values by seeking similar wines from obscure regions.

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Great Holiday Gift Wines from $10 to $70

Bringing wine? Make it special! You'll find great values in these delicious and unusual red, white, and sparkling wines.

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The Best Wine to Have with Pizza

Whether your favorite pizza is super cheesy, thin crust, deep dish or no-tomato-sauce white, there's a perfect and affordable wine for you.

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The Best Wine to Have with Cajun Food

For great affordable wines that match Cajun cuisine, think Portugal and Spain.

Cooking Techniques

Easy, Delicious Sheet Pan Dinners

You can cook an entire dinner in a sheet pan in less than half an hour. Roasting makes it delicious, and there's hardly any clean up.

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The Best Wine to Have with Mexican Food

Yes, you can pair wine with Mexican food! Here are the best wines for cheesy nachos, chicken enchiladas, beef fajitas and more.

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Great American Wines to Drink This Summer

These all-American wines will please almost everyone and won’t cost you much at all!

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These Wines Really Are Worth the Splurge

These wines are wonderful for special occasions and make great gifts. They are so good that they offer value even for their high price tags.

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Best Wines for Your Holiday Parties

Excellent wines for the holidays that cost around $10 a bottle.

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Best Wines for a Barbecue

Hot dogs on the grill—or even hamburgers, pork ribs, or barbecued chicken—don’t shout wine. But why not? If you’re inclined…