There’s good news for rosé ­drinkers as the 2022 pink wine season gets underway. The Trump wine tariff, which cut availability and raised prices for some of the best inexpensive rosés last year, has been lifted…and the pandemic-related supply-chain snafus that further limited availability seem to be working themselves out. That means there should be more quality rosés at fair prices on store shelves now. Here are some of the best…

Campuget Tradition from France never fails to deliver, always tasting very French. That means red berry fruit and a bit of what’s called ­garrigue, an almost herbal aroma. About $11.

La Vieille Ferme, another from France, is the quintessential simple rosé ready for any occasion, with strawberry fruit, almost stony and always clean and fresh. About $8.

Zestos from Spain remains a fine value, with juicy cherry fruit and some minerality. The tariff hurt Spain particularly since its wine industry depends heavily on exports to the US. About $12.

Protocolo from Spain is much improved over the past few vintages—tart and fresh, with almost orangish fruit. About $8.

Scaia, with its glass cap, may be the world’s best rosé value. It is a pretty, floral, dry and fruity rosé, very Italian in style—think of sitting on a seaside veranda and you’ll get the idea. About $8.

Scarpetta Frico, also from Italy, has a pig on the label. It is almost savory, with a sort of lemon and unripe dark berry fruit. The clean and long finish is exceptional for a pink at this price. About $12.

Vinho Verde, a soft, fizzy white, is Portugal’s trademark cheap wine, and its quality has improved dramatically over the past decade—so much so that two pink Vinho Verdes are well worth buying…

Broadbent may be the most dependable, with lots of berry fruit and the fizz to match, though it can be a touch sweet. About $7.

Vera has structure and a bit of depth—much more than most. Look for a sort of lime-strawberry fruit, decent fizz and clean finish. About $11.

Charles & Charles is from Washington State. I don’t know if a $12 rosé can be called brilliant, but this one comes close. It is an almost tart wine, with strawberry fruit and a long, pleasing mouthfeel.

Pedroncelli, also from the US, is the rosé of zinfandel and always a favorite. It is heavier in style but not heavy and features darker, deeper fruit (red berries and cherry). About $10.

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