The grills are coming out—but that doesn’t mean the wine gets put away. In fact, wine can be paired with everything from burgers to grilled peppers. A few suggestions…

Burgers (beef, ­turkey or soy): The charring from the grill, plus whatever cheese is added, makes all burgers equal when it comes to wine. Try a lighter red such as the Masciarelli Monte-pulciano d’Abruzzo (about $12). This Italian wine is earthy (what wine types call “rustic”), with tart, juicy cherry fruit, but not heavy or cloying. It cuts through the char and the cheese, enhancing the flavors.

Hot dogs, sausages and ribs (beef or otherwise): The Pedroncelli Zinfandel (about $17), a classic example of this traditional California red grape, is just the thing for fattier foods. It’s jammy, almost like a fruit pie, but not sweet, with berry fruit and even a little spice, so it even can stand up to those pork ribs that have been on the smoker overnight.

Chicken: A little-known white blend from Gascony in southwestern France is low in alcohol, dry, fruity and about as food-friendly as wine gets. The Mont ­Gravet (about $12), one of many that fits this description, is almost like white grape juice but fresh and clean, and will blend seamlessly with any herbs cooked with the chicken.

Vegetables: Who knew this would one day be a pairing, be it for peppers, mushrooms, eggplant or zucchini? The Spanish Marqués de Cáceres Rosado (about $10) is made with the red tempranillo grape, so the fruit flavor is a little darker, more like black cherry instead of red cherry, but with the crisp, clean finish that rosé is known for. It can be enjoyed with grilled vegetables as hearty as mushrooms and eggplant but won’t overwhelm the peppers.

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