Healthy eating and snacking were major trends at this year’s Fancy Food Show in New York City…but that doesn’t mean there weren’t a few indulgences as well. Bottom Line Personal’s food expert Linda Gassenheimer reports on a few of her favorite finds…

Seaweed Seasonings by Ocean’s Balance. Winner of a Specialty Food Association (SOFI) gold award, these spice blends are made with regenerative harvested Maine seaweed. They have no added salt and are full of healthful antioxidants and
omega-3s. You can use them in any recipe in place of salt and pepper. Flavors include Chili Lime Seaweed…Lemon Pepper Seaweed…and Seaweed
Seasoning for Seafood. $7.85 for a 2.3- ounce jar.

Rick’s Picks Snacking Veggies. Looking for a good-for-you snack? Try these tangy little vegetables. Each low-­calorie snack pack has a different crispy pickled vegetable such as Savory Cauliflower Florets and Zesty Carrot Sticks. $12 for six three-ounce packages.

Parèggio Cheese. Another SOFI gold award winner, this new cheese—created by Artikaas Dutch ­cheesemakers—is a meltable Parmesan-Gouda combination that also grates easily and has salty chunks of ­Parmesan. Starting at $12 per pound.

On the indulgent side…

HoneyGramz Chocolate Pomegranate Honey. A pure raw creamed honey infused with organic cacao and organic pomegranate that is crystallized to create a creamy paste. Use it as a dessert topping, or add it to a cake or brownies for a rich sweet flavor. A portion of the profits are donated to help save honeybees. $10 for a six-ounce jar…$18 for a 12-ounce jar.

Cookie & Candy Oreo Cookie Pop. This light crunchy popcorn is made with real Oreo cookie pieces. Low in sodium and perfect for snacking. A portion of sales ­benefit the Ryan Seacrest Foundation’s work with children’s hospitals around the US. $7.98 for two 5.25-ounce bags.


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