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Intermittent fasting is the latest dieting craze. But it’s not just about weight loss. Unlike other diet fads, intermittent fasting has significant health benefits as well. Krista Varady, PhD, is an associate professor of nutrition at University of Illinois, Chicago. Her research focuses on intermittent fasting for weight loss, weight maintenance and cardio-protection in obese adults. She has published more than 50 publications on this topic and is author of The Every Other Day Diet.

In this episode of the Bottom Line Advocator Podcast, Dr. Varady joins Bottom Line President Sarah Hiner to discuss the positive and negative effects associated with Intermittent fasting, as it continues to rise in popularity.

Topics explored:

  • The rise of intermittent fasting and why Krista believes in it (1:20 – 3:20)
  • Health benefits…cell regeneration (3:21 – 5:05)
  • How intermittent fasting relates to detoxification (5:07 – 8:25)
  • The benefits of time restricted eating (18/6) (8:26 – 11:20)
  • When is the best time to eat? And is breakfast really the most important meal of the day? (11:28 – 15:43)
  • Alternate-day fasting/ 5:2 day fast (15:49 – 19:15)
  • Who should and shouldn’t practice fasting? (Considerations include age, diseases, pregnancy and gender) (19:17 – 25:04)
  • Side effects of intermittent fasting (what to expect…the first 10 days) (25:10 – 28:47)

Krista answers intermittent fasting FAQs (28:50 – 39:45)

  • Exercise and fasting 
  • What and when to eat on fasting days
  • Do coffee, tea or diet soda break a fast? 
  • Vitamins and fasting
  • Should intermittent fasting be viewed as a temporary weight-loss plan? Or a long-term lifestyle?
  • Fasting and metabolism 
  • What happens when you stop fasting?

You can learn more about Dr. Varady and her work by reading her book, The Every Other Day Diet.

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