While the coming of 5G cellular service sounds exciting, the health risks of this fifth-generation wireless technology and the radiation it emits are concerning. Cell-phone companies warn shareholders that they may be sued for cancer and other health impacts from 5G and other wireless devices, while at the same time aggressively marketing these same devices to consumers.

Talking about the risks of cell-phone radiation is not new—Environmental Health Trust has been warning about it for many years. But 5G and wireless dramatically increase the risk. These new networks rely on 4G connections and use the same wireless frequencies we have now but with new, higher frequencies. More than a million new “short” cell towers are being built, bringing microwave-radiating antennas closer than ever before and more than tripling exposure. You have no say at all about antenna location—one could be right outside your bedroom wall! And you’re at risk of exposure whether or not you have a 5G phone.

One of the most ironic things about 5G is that it actually doesn’t improve reception for voice calls. What it does do is create a new, faster way for wireless devices to communicate with one another, such as in a smart home. It also boosts download speeds for data, movies and video games.


To protect yourself and your family from radiation associated with 5G—as well as from 4G and 3G—follow these guidelines. These steps are more important than ever…

Don’t carry your cell-phone in your pocket, bra or against your body unless it is turned off. When you are not using the phone, power it off or set it to Airplane/Flight mode. Also turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

When talking on the cell phone, use speaker mode or a plug-in earpiece to keep your the phone away from your brain and body. Or, even better, send texts rather than make voice calls.

Don’t use your cell phone when you have only one or two bars or when you are between cell towers. A cell phone sends signals to a tower up to 900 times a minute, and each time, some of that radiation is absorbed into your body.

Don’t sleep with your cell phone nearby. If you use your phone as an alarm, set it to Airplane/Flight mode and turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth before putting it on your nightstand. Better: Purchase a battery-powered alarm clock (plug-in digital clocks can emit EMF radiation).

Keep your corded-phone landline, which is free of wireless radiation and works in an emergency. Cordless home phones emit the same type of radiation as cell towers.

Use a wired mouse, keyboard and printer to avoid unnecessary radiation, and don’t buy smart-home wireless devices.

Get engaged in your community and at the state and federal levels to prevent cell-phone towers from being built near your home and schools.

Hang onto your non-5G phone as long as possible. Newer phones usually have more antennas, and you can’t always turn them off.

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