The new year is almost here. If you’re like most people, you’re thinking about resolutions—“clean up my diet” and “lose my excess weight” are always at the top of the list, right?

It’s great to want to improve your health and wellness…but if you’re head isn’t fully in the game, your body won’t be able to play. What you think about yourself and how you describe yourself affects both your mind and your body. More than 97 percent of diets, fitness plans and weight loss programs fail because they only address parts of the problem instead of addressing the needs of your entire being. But armed with a powerful mindset, you can achieve lasting weight loss, health and fitness…anything, really.

Take this quick test to assess your current state. From the list below, circle the five words that you feel best describe you. Don’t overthink this, just choose what speaks to you first.

high achievergracefuloptimisticfamousclever

Now go back through the list and put a checkmark next to the five words (they can be the same as the ones you circled or different) that describe the person you ideally want to be.

Scoring. Tally up how many words you chose both times. If none, then your score is 0; if all, then your score is 5.

Interpreting your number:
* 0: You are not the person you want to be. Commit to reaching the ideal you.
* 2–3: You are on your way to becoming the you of your dreams, but you have work to do.
* 4–5: You have the right mindset and are well on your way.

As soon as you correct one imbalance—negative mindset (a mental imbalance), for example—you will begin to see a positive ripple effect. And the benefits just continue to multiply. It becomes easier to sleep restfully, to be more productive at work, and even to attract romance. What this means is that any step you take in opening the door to positivity will pay you back with abundance.

Happy New Year! Happy New You!!!

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