The patient: “Harvey,” who worked most of his life as a mechanical engineer. As his physical and cognitive functions began to fail, he’d moved to a skilled nursing facility.

Why he came to see me: His daughter, who had seen me as a patient, convinced her dad that I could help him recapture some of his lost function. She wanted me to be sure to explain my prescriptive interventions scientifically, which would make him more receptive to a type of health care far different from what he was used to.

How I evaluated him: I asked Harvey’s daughter to bring me his recent medical records when she brought her dad in for our consult. Although he was not gravely ill, Harvey had been prescribed the unfortunately “age appropriate” drugs to treat high cholesterol, high blood pressure and acid reflux.

How we addressed his problem: I explained to Harvey that, quite often, these symptoms associated with aging were actually the manifestations of nutrient deficiencies and impaired system function. Very often supplementing basic nutrients coupled with supporting better digestion, liver function and easier elimination (bowel movements) could decrease his high cholesterol and blood pressure and correct his acid reflux.

By providing him with adequate digestive enzymes, highly absorbable calcium and magnesium and a high-potency multi-B vitamin formula and discussing the mechanisms of actions of each, Harvey felt comfortable going forward with my natural prescriptions. I discussed the plan with the facility’s supervising physician to get his informed consent and cooperation.

The patient’s progress: Within a few weeks, Harvey reported improved digestion and was withdrawn from his reflux meds. He was able to read and understand some of his trade journals that he had lost interest in and could participate more in physical activities offered at the facility. His staff physician reported that he was pleased with the improvement in Harvey’s blood pressure and promised to recheck his cholesterol. Harvey was especially thrilled that his “mechanical systems” could perform as designed!

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