Tod Cooperman, MD

Tod Cooperman, MD, president of, an independent group based in White Plains, New York, that tests and reports on the quality of health and nutrition products.

Diet & Nutrition

The Best Protein Powders and Drinks for Quality, Taste and Value

Anyone who needs an energy boost and a convenient way to help build muscle strength will benefit from protein powders and drinks. The 4 best products…

Diet & Nutrition

Not All Bone Broths Are Healthy

The amount of collagen found in different brands of bone broth varies greatly. Here’s how to make sure your broth is what you think it is.


Cocoa Danger

That cup of cocoa may be contaminated with the toxic heavy metal cadmium.

Vitamins & Minerals

Vitamin D Pills May Have Too Much Vitamin D

In a recent analysis by, some had up to 80% more than the labeled amount. High blood levels of…


Warning…Your Green Tea Isn’t What You Think It Is

With voluminous scientific evidence now showing that it protects the heart, helps stave off diabetes and provides other significant health…


Beware of Dangerous Supplements

Some contain lead and other toxic substances When you buy a vitamin or some other type of nutritional supplement, you…