Mitchell Yass

Dr. Mitchell Yass, DPT, is the creator of The Yass Method, which uniquely diagnoses and treats the cause of chronic pain through the interpretation of the body’s presentation of symptoms. (Dr. Yass’s research and patient experience has found the conventional method of diagnosing through X-ray and MRI to be baseless and useless). In more than 95% of cases the cause of pain is muscular, which cannot show up on diagnostic tests nor is there any medical specialty educated or trained to identify these causes. If the cause of pain is identified as muscular, The Yass Method provides a targeted, custom-designed program to strengthen the appropriate muscles using progressive resistance. He has stopped thousands from getting unnecessary surgeries and resolved the pain of thousands of others who had surgery that did nothing to alter their pain. Dr. Yass is the author of three books, Overpower Pain: The Strength Training Program That Stops Pain Without Drugs or SurgeryThe Pain Cure Rx: The Yass Method for Resolving The Cause of Chronic Pain and his newest bookThe Yass Method for Pain-Free Movement: A Guide to Easing through Your Day without Aches and Pains. Additionally, Dr. Yass starred in the PBS special “The Pain Prescription.” 

Exercise & Fitness

How to Stop Achilles Heel Pain

Achilles heel pain is almost always caused by a weak gluteus medius muscle on one or both sides of the body. Here’s how to solve the pain.

Back or Neck Pain

Easing the Real Source of Your Neck Pain

Neck stretches or massage don’t address the real cause of neck pain. For lasting relief, target this set of muscles with resistance training.

Pain Relief

5 Weak Body Points Everyone Needs to Strengthen—Sarah Hiner Talks to Mitchell Yass, DPT, Creator of The Yass Method to Diagnose and Treat the Causes of Chronic Pain

Here are the five specific muscles that lead to most chronic pain—and the simple exercises that can provide relief.

Chronic Pain

Why the Medical System for Diagnosing and Treating Joint Pain Is Broken – with Dr. Mitchell Yass

In this episode of the Bottom Line Advocator Podcast, Dr. Yass joins Bottom Line President Sarah Hiner to discuss the wasted time and money the medical system uses to diagnose and ...

Pain Relief in Motion

Whiplash? Here’s the Real Way to Relieve Your Pain for Good

Don’t get fooled! Whiplash isn’t a diagnosis…it’s a mechanism of injury. Learn the real source of whiplash-related pain and how to get lasting relief.

Pain Relief in Motion

Osteoarthritis Does NOT Cause Joint Pain!

You don’t need medications, steroid shots even surgery to ease joint pain. Here’s the true cause—it’s not arthritis—and the real cure.

Pain Relief in Motion

Train Like You’re In the World Cup

Weekend warriors get injured when the spirit is willing but the body is weak. Here’s a smart three-part weekday training program to up your game.

Pain Relief in Motion

MRIs Don’t Diagnose Chronic Pain…They Create It

If your chronic pain is diagnosed through an MRI, you have at least a 90% chance of being misdiagnosed. Five reasons why doctors keep getting it wrong.

Pain Relief in Motion

The Right Way to Stand and Walk for More Energy and Less Pain

Most people stand and walk with their feet too close together. Fix your stance and gait, and reverse chronic pain—in your back, hip, knee and more.

Pain Relief in Motion

Stop Sprained Ankles from Ever Happening Again

Here’s the real reason why you keep spraining your ankle…plus the three exercises solve the problem completely.

Pain Relief in Motion

How to Stop a Bunion from Developing

Bunion correctors fix nothing and do not address the cause. Here’s how to prevent bunions from ever developing. Self-test shows if it will help you.

Pain Relief in Motion

Strengthen Your Way to Better Balance

Don’t blame age on your balance problems! The problem is most likely caused by muscle weakness. These three easy exercises will solve that.

Pain Relief in Motion

When Lower Back Pain Is Really in Your Butt

Few people know where the lower back ends the buttocks region begins—a critical issue to treat the root cause of what you think is back pain.

Pain Relief in Motion

The Posture Cure for Migraines and Other Chronic Headaches

There are certain possible causes of headaches—like a cerebral bleed, meningitis, a tumor in the brain—that are very dangerous and…

Pain Relief in Motion

The 5 Keys to Lifting Weights to Get Stronger and End Your Pain

If you’re in pain, it’s most likely caused by weak muscles. Here’s the right way to build strength to relieve your pain and get back to enjoying your life.

Pain Relief in Motion

The Best Trigger Finger Cure (It’s Not Surgery or Cortisone)

Injections or surgery won’t fix trigger finger (when your finger is trapped in a bent position). But these exercises will.

Pain Relief in Motion

Real Relief from Plantar Fasciitis (It’s Not in Your Foot!)

If you’re suffering from plantar fasciitis (pain in the heel or at the underside of the foot), these three simple exercises are the key to lasting relief.

Pain Relief in Motion

Arm Pain: 1 Location, 3 Symptoms, 3 Causes

Pain may be unpleasant—almost unbearable at times—but the sensation of pain is actually one of the body’s defense mechanisms. It…

Pain Relief in Motion

Your Knee Pain May Really Be a Hip Problem

If you’re suffering from chronic knee pain and seek medical attention, the typical X-ray and/or MRI that’s performed will show…

Pain Relief in Motion

Is Shoulder Pain a Rotator Cuff Tear? Don’t Trust Your MRI

I have been treating people with shoulder pain for what feels like forever. In most cases, they can’t remember a…