Mark A. Stengler, NMD

Mark A. Stengler, NMD, a naturopathic physician and founder of The Stengler Center for Integrative Medicine in Encinitas, California ( He has served on a medical advisory committee for the Yale University Complementary Medicine Outcomes Research Project and is author of Outside the Box Cancer Therapies: Alternative Therapies That Treat and Prevent Cancer, Healing the Prostateand coauthor of Prescription for Natural Cures and Prescription for Drug Alternatives (both from Bottom Line Books,


What Your Doctor Won’t Tell You About Healing Your Prostate

Prostate problems don’t only reside in the prostate. For effective healing, it’s important to consider bladder function and other men’s health issues too.


Fight Back Against Winter Illnesses…Beyond-the-Ordinary Immune Boosters

You already likely know about zinc, vitamins C and D, and medicinal plants like Echinacea and elderberry. Here are powerful immune-boosting supplements you don’t know about.

Sexual Wellness

Myths and Facts About Testosterone—Sarah Hiner Talks to Mark Stengler, NMD

If you believe testosterone affects only sex drive, think again. Naturopathic doctor Mark Stengler joins Sarah Hiner to dispel this and other myths.


Boost Kids’ Immunity When They Go Back to School

Three supplements help protect children ages 2 to 12 against, cold, flu and COVID-19—especially for kids who eat a poor diet or take antibiotics.


Boost Kids’ Immunity When They Go Back to School

As parents get ready to send their kids back to school, here are supplements to consider for shoring up young ones’ immune systems to protect against colds, flu and ­COVID-19.

Alternative Treatments

The Power of Detox: Safe Strategies from a Leading Natural Doctor—with Dr. Mark Stengler

Dr. Mark Stengler joins Bottom Line president Sarah Hiner to discuss the power of detox.


The Truth About Collagen Supplements

Collagen supplements are highly hyped. Here’s the truth about what they can—and can’t—do for your skin and joints.


Is It Safe to Eat Fruit When You Have Diabetes?

I know fruit is healthy, but I have diabetes and have to watch how much sugar I eat. Fruit has a lot of sugar, doesn’t it? Does that mean I shouldn’t eat it?

Cancer Treatment

Get an Extra Edge Against Cancer

When you've got cancer, you want all the help you can get to beat the disease. Here's how to put an integrative plan to work for you...


Homeopathic First-Aid Kit Everyone Should Have

People often mention that they would like to keep a supply of homeopathic remedies at the ready for minor injuries…


Salmon—from a Can or Pouch

You know how important it is to eat cold-water fish, rich in omega-3 fatty acids, several times a week. Wild…


Make Your Own Natural Healing First-Aid Kit

It is always a good idea to keep a few natural remedies on hand to treat common injuries and conditions.…

Alternative Treatments

Medicinal Mushrooms

What you need to know about the most effective medicinal mushrooms: maitake, turkey tail and reishi.


Get the Lead Out (of Your Body)

No matter how hard you try to live healthy, there’s a very good chance that right now -- or a…

Diet & Nutrition

Is Your Body Too Acidic?

Imagine if physicians and other health-care professionals routinely ignored a fundamental aspect of health. That is just what happens when…


Colon-Cleansing Products

Cleaning your colon is easier than you think with the help of an over-the-­counter colon-cleansing kit. These products, available at…


Say No to Benzodiazepines to Cut Dementia Risk

If you, like many Americans, rely on Xanax, Valium, Ativan or Klonopin to reduce anxiety, panic, insomnia or another problem,…


What a Top Naturopath Has in His Own Medicine Cabinet

For Pain, Heartburn, Flu and More Sometimes you need powerful, fast-acting medications. But prescription and over-the-counter drugs can present serious…


Natural Remedy for Diabetes: Berberine

There is another natural treatment option for diabetes patients who currently take pharmaceutical medications. Research has found that a plant…


And You Thought Willpower Was Enough…

We are surrounded by temptation, whether it’s reaching for an unhealthful snack... making an impulse purchase... or lighting a cigarette.…