Jacob Teitelbaum, MD

Jacob Teitelbaum, MD, a holistic physician and nationally-recognized expert in the fields of pain, sleep, chronic fatigue syndrome, and fibromyalgia. He is the author of numerous books, including Real Cause, Real Cure, From Fatigued to Fantastic! and Beat Sugar Addiction Now! and the free app, Cures A-Z (available for iOS and Android). He is the founder of the Practitioners Alliance Network (PAN). He runs websites EndFatigue.com and Vitality101.com

Diseases & Conditions

Long COVID: How to Get Your Life Back

One of the newest studies on the long-term risks of COVID-19, published in Nature Communications in October 2022, says it…

Personal Safety

What is Long COVID?

COVID is no longer the top story on the nightly news, but it continues to take a daily toll on…

Diet & Nutrition

New Research Reveals Why You Must Cut Back on Sugar

If you want to make one fundamental change to dramatically improve your health and protect yourself from chronic disease and…


Revive Cellular Energy With Coenzyme Q10

You already know that organs are unique bodily structures, like your heart and lungs, that have specific and indispensable functions.…


Chronic Inflammation: Ways to Fight Back

Inflammation is an important part of our immune system. It defends against outside invaders—killing off pathogens…guarding against infections…repairing cuts, sprains…


Help for Lingering COVID-19 Symptoms

The effects of COVID-19 may not end when your body clears the virus. What to do about fatigue, insomnia, digestive issues, breathlessness, coughing.

Vitamins & Minerals

Vitamin D May Save You From COVID-19

While scientists have feverishly investigated the best ways to reduce risk for COVID-19, the public has received scant information about a potentially powerful protector—maintain...

Emotional Health

Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum’s 3 Steps to Happiness—Sarah Hiner Talks to Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum

Dr. Teitelbaum’s three steps to happiness include releasing yourself from blame, comparisons and guilt. Attend to what feels good…happiness will follow.


Beating Post-COVID Fatigue Syndrome—Sarah Hiner Talks to Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum

Symptoms of COVID can linger for weeks or months after the infection is gone. Secrets to getting your energy, strength and clarity back.


Use Sleep to Strengthen Your Defense System—Sarah Hiner Talks to Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum

Even just a little more sleep can help protect you from COVID-19 and other illnesses. Here’s Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum’s best advice for getting to sleep and staying asleep.


Natural Ways to Beat Chronic Inflammation

Chronic inflammation is linked to heart disease, cancer, diabetes and more, and makes you more vulnerable to viruses. How to get healthy, stay healthy.


Is Stress Getting the Best of You? Your Adrenal Glands May Be Burned Out

If you feel overwhelmed by stress and exhausted, adrenal fatigue may be the root cause. Here’s a simple three-step plan to restore your vitality…


The Truth Behind Hydroxychloroquine and the Coronavirus—Sarah Hiner Talks to Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum

Doctors are seeing success in treating coronavirus with hydroxychloroquine, yet research studies say there are problems. Here is the truth.


Vitamins and Herbs That Can Help Protect You From Coronavirus— Sarah Hiner Talks to Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum

There is more and more evidence every day that safe nutritional supplements can help protect against the virus that causes COVID-19 and lessen its impact if you do get it—things ...


The Best Defense Against COVID-19—A Holistic Approach

Certain herbs, minerals and vitamins help keep COVID-19 out of your body and reduce symptoms if you get them. Here’s what they are…


The Feel-Good Way to Protect Yourself From COVID-19: Part 1—Sarah Hiner talks to Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum

To protect yourself against coronavirus, you need an immune system that is in fighting form.


What You Need to Know about Treatments and Testing for COVID-19—Sarah Hiner Talks to Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum

Clearing up the confusion about treatments and tests that are available for COVID-19


Overcoming Anxiety and Depression in a Corona-Quarantine World—Sarah Hiner Talks to Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum

Beyond the sickness and economic devastation of the coronavirus pandemic is an array of collateral issues, including a significant rise in and risk for anxiety and depression.


Conquering Chronic Fatigue from the Master—Sarah Hiner Talks to Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum

If you’re waking up tired every day or suffering from foggy brain and chronic pain but you don’t have arthritis, you may very well be one of the millions of people who have chr...

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6 Best Ways to Stop Gout Attacks Naturally

End gout pain in your big toe or other joints by eating foods like turmeric, yogurt and fatty fish.