Spencer Deering

For more than 20 years, Spencer Deering has coached Millennials and consulted organizations on how to do their best work. With a background in teaching, athletics and entrepreneurship, Spencer brings a rare combination of well-studied fundamentals, high-energy delivery and a laser focus on business results to every engagement. He inspires and motivates emerging Millennial leaders, while providing them—and their managers—the tools for leadership development and successful growth. Deering is president of BestWork Inc., which is dedicated to revolutionizing leadership development with a focus on helping senior executives and the next generation of high-potential, emerging Millennial leaders. He has advised many organizations, guided countless young professionals, mentored executives in the Inc. 500 and consulted for National Championship coaches. Deering has been featured in numerous media outlets including Bloomberg BusinessWeek, The Baltimore Sun, Charleston City Paper, Charleston Magazine, The Messenger and others. He’s also written articles for major national magazines such as Esquire, Forbes, Self, Cosmopolitan, Golf Digest and Family Circle. His latest book is How To Be A Millennial Whisperer: Understand Your Millennial Employees and Improve Engagement, aimed at business leaders struggling to enhance the productivity of young workers.