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Spencer Deering, president of Best Work, Inc., works with individuals and companies to simply do their best work. Spencer is particularly committed to developing the next generation of high-potential, emerging Millennial leaders. His new book, How to Be a Millennial Whisperer, helps companies understand this new generation of employees and their unique perspective and get the most from their new-economy skills.

In this episode of the Bottom Line Advocator Podcast, Spencer joins Bottom Line President Sarah Hiner to discuss why Millennials are having trouble settling into today’s work environment, and he offers his advice to those employees—and employers—who are struggling to adapt to the culture clash.

Specific topics explored…

  • Why Millennials are leaving their first jobs within a few years (2:10 – 5:33)
  • The three levels of happiness (5:33 – 6:35)
  • Why most Millennials don’t have a plan or direction (6:40 – 10:10)
  • The core culture clash between employers and Millennials (10:12 – 17:15)
  • The role of structure, athletics and the education system on Millennials today (17:20 – 22:15)
  • Finding your mission + Spencer’s personal experience and advice (22:18 – 29:49)
  • How should employers act toward Millennials? (29:56 – 42:00)
  • Advice for millennials on how they can succeed in today’s world (42:05 – 48:50)

You can learn more about Spencer and his work by visiting his website https://bestworkinc.com/, or by reading his book, How to Be a Millennial Whisperer.

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