Molly Carmel

Molly Carmel, LCSW-R, is founder and CEO of The Beacon Program, which has helped thousands of people overcome compulsive overeating, repetitive dieting and sugar addiction. Her powerful approach and proven method help clients master their weight and put an end to the cycle of chronic diet failure. She is author of Breaking Up With Sugar: A Plan to Divorce the Diets, Drop the Pounds, and Live Your Best Life. Based on the latest scientific research, as well as Molly’s own journey through 20 years of disordered eating, Breaking Up with Sugar presents her powerful, groundbreaking plan and inspiring personal transformation.

Diet & Nutrition

Sugar Addiction More Prevalent Than Ever — Sarah Hiner Talks to Molly Carmel

You could be a sugar addict—and not even know it. Diets won’t fix this—changing your relationship with sugar will.