Joel Harper

In this series, Sarah Hiner is joined by Joel Harper, celebrity trainer, mind-body coach and author to discuss the importance of posture—its effect on one’s approachability, mood and overall health. In addition, Joel discusses the importance of daily mindfulness, and provides a list of physical symptoms that indicate something needs to be addressed from a psychological standpoint.

Exercise & Fitness

How to Stick With Your New Year’s Fitness Resolutions —Sarah Hiner talks to Celebrity Trainer Joel Harper

Tired of not keeping your New Year’s resolutions? Celebrity trainer Joel Harper joins Sarah Hiner to share his method for uncovering the hidden traps.


An Inside Look at How Star Athletes and Entertainers Stay Mentally and Physically Fit – with Celebrity Personal Trainer Joel Harper

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Joel Harper: How Posture Affects Your Health, Your Mood And Your Every Cell

Listen in as Joel Harper shares some of his favorite posture-improvement tricks and discusses the role posture has on one’s approachability.

Mental Health

Celebrity Trainer Joel Harper on How Mindfulness Leads to a Happier, Healthier Life

Listen in as Joel Harper and Bottom Line president Sarah Hiner discuss how a well-conditioned mind translates to a well-conditioned body.