Andrew Rubman, ND

In this episode, Bottom Line president Sarah Hiner gets to the “bottom line” on eggs with renowned naturopathic physician and self-acclaimed “Egg-spert”, Andrew Rubman, ND. Why are eggs a scapegoat for high cholesterol? Why does the mainstream media ignore the many health benefits of eating eggs? And how many and how often should you eat eggs? Dr. Rubman explains.

Mental Health

Eat Your Way to Happiness — Sarah Hiner Talks to Andrew Rubman, ND

Feeling blue? Check your digestion. You can eat your way to happiness. Naturopathic physician Andrew Rubman shares the food fixes with Sarah Hiner.

Diet & Nutrition

The Truth Comes Out: Everything You Need to Know About Eggs—Sarah Hiner Talks to Andrew Rubman

The incredible edible egg—much loved…much maligned. In this episode of The Bottom Line Advocator, Bottom Line CEO Sarah Hiner gets the “bottom line” on eggs from renowned n...