No one can claim that potato or tortilla chips are good for you. Fresh fruits and vegetables are hands-down a more healthful snack, but indulging in a modest portion of chips every now and then is OK if you choose the right brand. There now are many healthier potato chips and other sorts of chips on the market, but the problem is people can’t stop eating them!

My advice: Before breaking open a bag of chips, check the label. The serving size (typically one ounce) is likely to be much smaller than the amount you usually eat. So pour out one serving, and put the bag back in the pantry.

What to look for in a one-ounce serving of chips…

Total fat—6 g or less

Saturated fat—1 g or less

Trans fat—0 g

Sodium—less than 150 mg

Fiber—at least 2 g

Calories—140 or less

My top picks…

  • Food Should Taste Good All Natural Tortilla Chips, Sweet Potato

Per one-ounce serving (about 12 chips): 6 g total fat…0.5 g saturated fat…0 g trans fat…80 mg sodium…3 g fiber…140 calories.

  • Garden Of Eatin’ Baked Tortilla Chips, Yellow

Per one-ounce serving (about 19 chips): 2 g total fat…0 g saturated fat…0 g trans fat…120 mg sodium…3 g fiber…120 calories.

  • Kettle Brand Baked Potato Chips, Sea Salt

Per one-ounce serving (about 20 chips): 3 g total fat…0.5 g saturated fat…0 g trans fat…135 mg sodium…2 g fiber…120 calories.

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