We all know people we don’t like…as well as people we like (even love) but whose behavior we hate. These people can be rude, insulting, clingy, whiny, jealous, overbearing, bullying or unbearable in some other way—and they can make others miserable. You feel trapped not knowing what to do when someone in your life is intolerable for one reason or another, yet you still have to live or work with that person.

While obnoxious people can make you feel that you’re at their mercy, you’re actually not. Our experts can guide you in the best ways to handle the “worst” people—including the loudmouth friend who embarrasses you in public…the constantly complaining coworker…your warring siblings who make every get-together a sniping contest…the enraged neighbor who is screaming threats at you…and anyone else who pushes your buttons…

Dealing with Others’ Obnoxious Traits

Dealing with Dislikable People

Dealing with Needy People

Dealing with Tardy People

Dealing with Braggarts

How to Deal with Chronic Complainers

When Women Get Catty

Making Loudmouths Shut Up!

Hard-to-Handle Family Members

How to Handle a Jealous Partner

Living With an Angry Spouse

Living Contentedly with a TV Sports Addict

How to Keep Your Cool When Dealing with Aging Parents

When Mom Gets On Your Nerves

When Siblings Get Stuck In a Cold War

Healing Sibling Relationships

How to Handle Your Overly Critical Adult Kids

Thank Goodness for Argumentative Teens

Caught In the Middle of a Family Feud

Managing Bullies and Ragers

Should You Confront Your Childhood Bully?

Do You Have a Bully for a Doctor?

How to Calm an Angry Person

How to Handle Someone Else’s Rage

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