Since medical research has bestowed its blessing on wine—in moderation—for good health, what more do you need to know?

A lot, as it turns out! We want you to have the critical facts about wine’s health benefits and potential harms that you probably don’t know but that could make a big difference to your health. And you can enjoy this luscious fruit of the vine even more than you would have guessed—we’ll tell you how!

Here is the Bottom Line Guide to Getting the Most from Wine—and Enjoying It More! In the articles below, you’ll learn about unexpected ways wine can help or hurt you depending on your situation. We also share secrets to savoring really delicious wines (and saving money while doing it!). Check out the best wine to drink to reduce your blood pressure…for women, the wine that has a higher risk for breast cancer—and the one that doesn’t…why wine makes your knees happy…a surprising way to make any wine taste better…and much more.

Read below for details…and get more out of wine.

Wine and Your Blood Pressure, Bones, Joints…and More

Foods That Help Control Blood Pressure

Protect Your Bones from Osteoporosis with Resveratrol

The Right Way to Drink Wine

Could Red Wine Help Diabetes?

Wine or Beer—Which Is Worse for Osteoarthritis?

Preserve Your Memory With Booze


How Red Wine Affects Breast Cancer Risk

Red Wine or White Wine: Does It Matter to Your Heart?

The Red Wine That Does the Most for Your Health

No More Wine Headaches

Red Wine Is Good for Your Gut

Enjoying Wine More!

You’re Drinking Wine Wrong!

Forget Beer! Best Wines for a Barbecue

Don’t Miss Out on Dessert Wines

Great American Wines for $12 or Less

Great Wines for $10 or Less

Cautions to Consider…

Metals in Table Wines

Allergic to Eggs, Milk or Fish? Your Wine Might Put You at Risk

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