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Ninety-nine percent of cervical cancer cases are a direct result of contracting the human papillomavirus (HPV), but only a very few cases of HPV turn into cervical cancer. In this edition of The Bottom Line Advocator, Bottom Line President Sarah Hiner talks to one of America’s foremost experts on HPV and its impact on women’s health, Shobha Krishnan, MD, about the virus and everything that comes with it. Topics include cervical cancer…Pap tests…pros and cons of the HPV vaccine…men and HPV…and Dr. Krishnan’s take-home message about how we can eliminate the virus almost entirely. MEN: This is not just a women’s issue. Men are contracting HPV-related cancers at an increasing rate. Take a listen.

Click here to purchase Dr. Shobha Krishnan’s book, The HPV Vaccine Controversy

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