Are you turned off by the hippie-dippy idea of meditation? Or are you curious about it but not quite convinced enough to try it? Whether you are a true skeptic about the benefits of meditation or curious but cautious, give yourself a few minutes with the articles on this page—because they could change your mind and truly enhance your life.

For example: If you’ve looked into meditation and have been put off by complex instructions that seem like a lot of work, you’ll be surprised and delighted to learn how little time and effort really are involved. It‘s easy—as easy as closing your eyes, quieting your body and taking a deep breath.

But what it can do for your whole life is truly amazing!

For a small investment of time—as little as 12 minutes in some cases—you can reduce the chronic inflammation of asthma, inflammatory bowel disease and rheumatoid arthritis…improve your emotional resilience, especially when dealing with emotionally charged situations…get as good an aerobic workout as walking at a moderate pace…improve your memory, creative problem solving, concentration and mental clarity (even make your brain bigger!)…improve your blood pressure, cardio health and bone density…develop greater compassion for others and for yourself…and much, much more.

Now, take a slow, deep breath…and get ready to be calmer, happier and healthier.

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