When you’re really stressed out, knowing that it’s bad for your health just adds to the anxiety—and telling yourself to calm down is not very effective. What does help?

The simple, easy techniques below in the Bottom Line Guide to Easy Ways to Relieve Stress help you relax your mind and body…

Meditation and Guided Relaxation

De-Stress—Little (or No!) Movement Required

Kirtan Kriya Meditation: 12-Minute Brain Boost for Stressed-Out People

Meditation for People Who Don’t Like to Meditate

Relax All Over with Guided Muscle Relaxation

Crayons, Scissors and Weird Things That Work

The Latest Anti-Stress Trend: Coloring Books for Adults

Crazy with Stress? Craft Your Way to Calm

Call Superman When You’re Stressed and Other Tricks to Stay Calm

Win the Inner Game of Stress

Burn Off Toxic Energy with 60-Second Stress Relievers

Reduce Stress: Secrets to Staying Calm in a High-Stress World

“Hand-y” Trick to Reduce Stress

Ankle Trick Relieves Stress

The Ancient Secret That Can Make Driving Stress-Free

Stress-Relieving Foods and Flowers

The Very Best Stress-Fighting Foods

Can Pretzels Relieve Stress?

Food-Free Stress Relief

Walnuts: The New Stress Buster

Weird Food Combo Relieves Stress

Remedies to the Rescue: Stress Relief Is a Chew or a Spray Away