You know that old familiar feeling of discomfort—those acidic rumbles that surge in your upper abdomen after indulging too much at the buffet table or after eating something off your no-no list. If you’re feeling minor tummy troubles, and you don’t feel like taking yet another drug, here are some natural remedies to try…

Chew your oats: In the case of acid indigestion, thoroughly chew a teaspoon of dry rolled oats, then swallow them. The oats help absorb the excess acid.

Potato or carrot neutralizer: Like rolled oats, raw potato juice neutralizes acidity. Grate a potato and squeeze it through cheesecloth to get the juice. Dilute one tablespoon of potato juice with one-half cup of warm water. Drink it slowly. Or grab and peel a medium-size carrot. Chew each bite 30 times. You could also sip a cup or so of fresh carrot juice from your juicer…but then you’d have to clean your juicer.

More to chew on: When you have a sour stomach, gently chew a few anise, cardamom or caraway seeds. All will sweeten your stomach…and your breath as well.

The tea that relieves: This remedy from India is recommended for quick relief after a junk-food binge. Crush one teaspoon of fenugreek seeds, and steep them in one cup of just-boiled water for five minutes. Strain and drink slowly. You should feel better in about 10 minutes. Ginger, chamomile and peppermint tea also soothe a troubled belly.

Hairbrush trick: Here’s a funky way to fix the bloat—take a wire hairbrush or a metal comb, and start brushing or combing the backs of your hands. Brush gently but firmly enough to feel some tingly pressure (though not so hard as to injure your skin, of course). After three or four minutes, you should notice relief from that sluggish feeling you get after eating a big, heavy meal.

Please note: If you have severe or persistent indigestion, be sure to seek professional medical help immediately.

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