There are many old wives’ tales about treatments for toenail fungus. In this video, Dr. Johanna Youner, board-certified podiatric surgeon and a Fellow of the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons, lists some of the more effective ones. Dr. Youner’s preferred treatment is laser vaporization of the fungus. For recent infections, some over-the-counter treatments can be effective. For a new, small infection, try rubbing Pau d’arco tea, tea tree oil or menthol directly on the nail. In the case of older infections, particularly those where the nail has thickened, see a podiatrist. Soaking feet in vinegar will kill odors, bacteria, fungus and yeast but will not completely eradicate an infection. For someone prone to fungal infections of the feet or toenails, natural soaks in household items such as garlic and rubbing alcohol will help deodorize and disinfect feet and can prevent fungal infections.

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