David Sherer, MD, is an American physician, inventor, and author. He currently practices anesthesiology in the suburbs of Washington D.C. and is a tireless advocate for hospitalized patients. For more great tips from Dr. Sherer, check out his other videos and Bottom Line blog “What Your Doctor Isn’t Telling You.”

In this video, Bottom Line Inc. President Sarah Hiner introduces anesthesiologist and author of Bottom Line’s What Your Doctor Isn’t Telling You blog, Dr. David Sherer. He discovered his passion for helping others early in life by accompanying his physician father on patient visits and because he had a sister with a chronic health condition. These experiences led him to become an advocate for patients seeking to navigate an increasingly complex health-care system. Dr. Sherer is pleased that technology has helped improve treatments and communication between medical professionals but cautions that health care has grown less personal than it was in the past. Ultimately, Dr. Sherer suggests that people need to take increasing responsibility for their own health—not only in navigating their way through the health-care system but also in making lifestyle interventions that can reduce the need to access this system in the first place.

For more with Dr. Sherer, click here for his podcast and video interviews, or purchase his memoir, The House of Black and White: My Life with and Search for Louise Johnson Morris.

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