Heading out on a road trip? Here’s how to eat healthy even when options are limited…

Be aware. Decide in advance that you’ll keep up your healthy habits while on the road—aim for something like 80% healthy. Then when you’re forced to compromise, you are less likely to binge.

Keep in mind the three keys to eating healthy…

Planning: Build healthy eating into your planning. What will you bring? Where will you get healthy food?

Portions: Make a rule that you’ll opt for small portions of ultraprocessed snacks like chips. You can enjoy larger portions of fruits and vegetables.

Liquid calories: Stick mostly to water.

Use the hierarchy of eating choices. Where you get food determines how likely it will be healthy.

Best: Your snack bag/cooler. Load it up with fruits and vegetables, nuts and nut butters, beans, sandwiches, chicken, cheese and unsalted popcorn without butter. Also, opt for portion-controlled individual packaging when possible.

Second best: Sit-down restaurants. Ask if there’s a “healthy menu.” Your entrée should consist of veggies, a healthy protein (such as grilled fish) and a whole grain (such as brown rice) or healthy starch (like a sweet potato).

Next best: Fast food. Many fast-food places sell salads and apple slices…and most offer three portion sizes (small/medium/large, single/double/
triple). Always go for the smallest portion. Expand your definition of “fast food” to include places like Starbucks and Panera Bread, which offer healthier choices.

Last resort: Gas station/convenience stores. Even these establishments offer better choices than they used to. You often can buy bananas or apples up near the register, and some sell prepackaged sandwiches, yogurts, nuts and soups.

Besides eating wellstick to your exercise-and-sleeping routine.

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