The patient: Charlie, a middle-aged plumbing contractor, had been wrestling for years with an enlarged prostate, which was interfering with normal urination.

Why he came to see me: Charlie was referred to me by a prominent urologist who had seen a number of my patients and was supportive of Charlie being co-managed. His urologist explained to Charlie that often the body works better and responds better to drug therapy when natural function is supported by diet, lifestyle, nutrients, and other non-drug/non-surgical interventions.

How I evaluated him: When Charlie contacted me, I had him create diet diary and symptom log for the two weeks preceding our initial consult. He came in with his blood work and records of his visits to the urologist over the past year that included his examination results and history of drug treatment.

How we addressed his problem: From his diet and symptom log, it was apparent that his prostate was reacting to his periodic consumption of sweets and fried foods, causing a weakened urine stream and increased retention. We discussed how chronically inflamed tissue can respond rather quickly to these challenges and how the prostate can harbor non-bacterial organisms like molds and yeasts that can worsen this sensitivity. His urologist was confident that Charlie was not developing prostate cancer and agreed with an approach of dietary modification, antioxidant vitamins, minerals, and co-factors like dark berry concentrates, high omega-3 fish oil to help control inflammation, and a freeze-dried saw palmetto supplement which we believed would help amplify the benefit of the Tamsulosin (Flomax) that the urologist was prescribing.

The patient’s progress: The wonderful thing about problems related to inflammation is that natural interventions often produce quick, noticeable results. This was true in Charlie’s case. After a few days on the changed diet and regime he noticed a sustained improvement in urine flow and less nighttime trips to the bathroom. After six months, his urologist informed me that his prostate had decreased noticeably in size and his PSA findings had started lower. Charlie continues to be managed by both me and the urologist and maintains his regime and progress.

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