Every day, I think about the word “balance.” My goal is always to create a life of give and take, where all parts of the puzzle are in line and fit together with ease, but the reality is that the quest for balance leads to disappointment and disillusionment.

It’s tough to find balance when there are so many different things pulling at us from every direction. When that happens, I believe that it is time to prioritize. Not everything is equally important. But you can—you must—decide what aspects of your life to give the most energy to, at each and every moment of the day.

I recommend taking some time to prioritize the demanding aspects of your life. And I also recommend putting self-care high up on the list, because without that, you won’t be as effective at any of your other tasks.

Of course, “self-care” is easy to say and hard to do. But this week, I am doing it. I am off on vacation with my son and family. As I spend this time with the people I love, I have decided that a big part of balance is being in the moment. When you are doing something, really do that thing. And so, in that spirit, my dear readers, I will be postponing my usual (lengthier) blog this month and taking some real, actual, devoted time off.

The message I want to send to you, in the meantime, is to live your life to its fullest, without distractions, and to live from the heart. What that means to me today is to prioritize the people I love. When you are prioritizing, I highly recommend putting your own needs, and the needs of those you love, first and foremost. I know I’m repeating myself a bit here, but it’s that important…and it’s that hard to do when you’re accustomed to putting yourself down towards the bottom of that priority list.

See you next month, and always remember: Live from the heart!

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