Pam Krueger

Pam Krueger, CEO of, an online service that matches investors with registered financial advisers, and executive producer of MoneyTrack: Money for Life on PBS stations.


Winning Strategies for Cautious Investors

Warren Buffett once said, “After all, you only find out who is swimming naked when the tide goes out.” The…

Mutual Funds & ETFs

Avoid This Extra Fee on Funds

This sneaky fee is still around even though many other investing costs have dropped. Don’t pay it.

Mutual Funds & ETFs

Lower Fees on Index Funds

Mutual fund providers are jockeying to compete with low fees on index funds. Examples: In March, Charles Schwab dropped the…


A New Rule to Protect You from Shoddy Investment Advice

Is the advice that your financial adviser gives you always in your best interest? It may seem like an odd…


The Truth About Investment-Fee Rebates

A money-back guarantee might seem like an enticing assurance that a product or service is reliable. But when it comes to…

Retirement Living

Can a “Robo Adviser” Boost Your Investment Returns?

Are you better off letting a computer invest your money rather than hiring a human financial adviser or doing it…