Marc Agronin

Marc E. Agronin, MD is a board-certified adult and geriatric psychiatrist and author of the acclaimed book How We Age: A Doctor’s Journey into the Heart of Growing Old (2011) and its sequel The End of Old Age: Living a Longer, More Purposeful Life (2018). He joined the staff of Miami Jewish Health (MJH), Florida’s largest not-for-profit long-term-care provider, in 1999, serving as the director of mental health services and the founding director of the memory center and Alzheimer’s clinical research program.

Diseases & Conditions

Stay Sharp

Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and dementia stand out as the most feared health conditions that can strike as we age. But…


Live a More Purposeful Life as You Age

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Cognitive Assessments: Are You Being Shortchanged?

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Aging’s Enriching Experience

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Overcoming Ageism in America

Dr. Agronin discusses how society “gets it wrong” when it comes to its approach (and acceptance) of an aging culture.


Old People Are the Most Creative

Dr. Agronin discusses the evolution of aging and how you can experience an evolving, not eroding, life.


5 Steps to Finding Your Purpose

Dr. Agronin discusses how you can age successfully by finding your purpose and taking the five critical steps toward a more meaningful life.


What’s Causing This Inappropriate Laughter?

A good belly laugh feels good. But when a person laughs (or sobs) at inappropriate times or can’t seem to stop, it may signal a serious condition.


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5 Things You Believe About Aging That Are Wrong!

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