J. Robert Hunter

J. Robert Hunter, director of insurance for the Consumer Federation of America, Washington, DC, and a former commissioner of the Texas Department of Insurance. ­ConsumerFed.org

Auto Insurance

Why You Don’t Need Gap Auto Insurance

There’s a type of auto insurance, called GAP coverage, that you don’t need no matter how hard a dealer pushes it.

Auto Insurance

10 Tricky Terms: Deciphering Auto Insurance Language

When buying auto insurance, do you really know what you are getting and why? The language used in auto insurance…

Homeowners Insurance

5 Myths About Homeowner’s Insurance

They Could Cost You Big Few home owners fully understand their homeowner’s insurance. The policies are written in dense legalese…and…

Auto Insurance

Auto Insurers Punish Good Drivers

Just because you haven't had any accidents or gotten any traffic tickets doesn't mean that you won't be hit with…