William W. Li, MD

William W. Li, MD, is an internationally renowned physician, scientist and author of The New York Times best-seller Eat to Beat Disease: The New Science of How Your Body Can Heal Itself. His groundbreaking work has led to the development of more than 30 new medical treatments and covers more than 70 diseases including cancer, diabetes, blindness, heart disease and obesity. His TED Talk, “Can We Eat to Starve Cancer?,” has had more than 11 million views. Dr. Li has appeared on The Dr. Oz Show, CNN and CNBC, and he has been featured in USA Today, TIME, The Atlantic and O Magazine. Dr. Li is president and medical director of the Angiogenesis Foundation.


Improve Your Chances Against COVID-19 and Other Diseases with Simple Food Choices—Sarah Hiner Talks With Dr. William Li

Simple foods and drinks can vastly improve your chances against COVID-19 and other sicknesses. Dr. William Li, author of Eat to Beat Disease, shares his wisdom.