Dr. Cynthia Green

In this series, Bottom Line president Sarah Hiner talks to one of America’s foremost memory fitness and brain health experts, Cynthia R. Green, PhD, about why some people have trouble remembering names, how we can improve attention span and adapt our brains to the fast-paced tech-driven work environment, and how to understand—and appreciate—the benefits of the aging brain.

Brain Health

Can’t Remember Names? This is For You

Can’t remember names?  You’re not alone. Dr. Cynthia Green explains what the problem is…and her best strategies for overcoming the problem. And, if all else fails, she also ...

Brain Health

How to Adapt Our Brains to the Fast-Paced Tech-Driven Work Environment

The technology driven office has placed time and task pressures on our brains. What can you do to meet the challenges and protect your brain? Dr. Cynthia Green explains.

Brain Health

Understanding and Appreciating the Benefits of the Aging Brain (We may forget things but actually can do many other things better)

As we age, our brains actually work better in many ways. What gets better? What gets a little worse? Dr. Cynthia Green shares her wisdom.

Brain Health

Our Attention Span is Shrinking – Don’t Let Yours Shrivel and Die

The pace of life is giving everyone “ADD” and ruining our ability to concentrate. In this edition of the Bottom Line Advocator, Dr. Cynthia Green talks about how to take contro...