If you’re willing to take considerable risk in the stock market, you can find big winners among tiny publicly ­traded companies—so-called microcaps. That is the one area where small investors have an advantage over large institutional investors and mutual funds, which typically consider the stocks too small to research, monitor or invest in.

What to look for: Microcaps have market capitalizations ranging from $50 million to $300 million. You should focus on those that have fast revenue growth (20% annually or more)…are currently profitable or will be in the near future…and, most important, offer a unique product or service in fast-changing industries such as medical equipment or software. To limit risk, keep no more than 5% of your overall stock portfolio assets in microcaps.

Attractive microcap stocks now…

Airgain (AIRG) makes embedded antennas for more than 45 million household products including digital smart TVs, Wi-Fi routers and ­automobiles.

Sensus Healthcare (SRTS) is a medical-device manufacturer specializing in radiotherapy systems to remove basal cell skin cancer, which occurs in more than four million people annually in the US. It also makes laser equipment for skin rejuvenation and hair and tattoo removal.

USA Technologies (USAT) provides software for the new generation of millions of self-serve cashless vending machines that use wireless technology in unattended locations such as car washes, laundromats and arcades. The software not only enables electronic payments but also transmits ongoing data feedback on machine malfunctions, usage patterns and more to the vending machine companies.

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