In this video, Adam Levin, chairman and founder of CyberScout and author of Swiped, offers several tips on how to use social media in a way that will keep you more secure from identity thieves. First, Mr. Levin suggests that users disable or limit location services (or geotagging). This can give hackers, stalkers and thieves too much information that they can then use for nefarious purposes. Only share your vacation pictures and information after you have returned home to prevent burglaries. Second, don’t give away too much personal information that could be used to impersonate you. Third, never underestimate the information that you may be giving away when you are answering a fun quiz. These all are pieces of information that could be used against you. Finally, never save your log-in information on your mobile device.

Learn more by visiting Adam Levin’s website CyberScout and by purchasing his latest book, Swiped.

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