Snowbirding, or migrating to the warmer climes of the southern US during the cold winter months, is an attractive option for many retired people…but is it right for you? In this video, Adriane Berg, founder of Generation Bold and author of Bottom Line’s Aging for Beginners blog, suggest five things to consider if you are thinking about becoming a snowbird. First, be sure that you can keep two properties secure and well-maintained. Second, factor in the cost of utilities, taxes and upkeep across multiple properties. Third, consider whether or not you will make sufficient use of both houses…or if you will often travel to additional destinations. Next, think about your friendships—will you be able to maintain them, or will snowbirding lead to social isolation? Finally, keep in mind that you will need to access health care in both locations. For more great tips from Adriane Berg, check out her Bottom Line blog “Aging for Beginners,” visit her website, or purchase her most recent book How Not to Go Broke at 102.

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