“They don’t make anything here anymore” is a common but not entirely accurate lament. There are USAmade products—but it can be challenging to find them. Here are companies that still make excellent products in the US…


Around 97% of the clothing—and 98% of shoes—sold in the US are manufactured abroad, but there are exceptions…

All American Clothing Co. is the best source of made-inthe- USA blue jeans (even US blue jeans brands such as Levi’s now are produced abroad). All American Clothing company also sells a wide range of other men’s and women’s pieces—everything from socks to dress shirts. AllAmericanClothing.com

Fox Creek Leather makes quality leather jackets, gloves, belts, wallets and more in the US. FoxCreekLeather.com

Frye, famed American maker of leather boots and shoes, manufactures much of its footwear abroad but the company still offers plenty of domestically- made items. On TheFryeCompany.com, select “Made in USA” from the “Women” or “Men” menu.

James Avery jewelry is a familyowned company that makes jewelry in Texas. Its pieces can be found in the company’s own stores and in many Dillard’s department stores, among other merchants. JamesAvery.com

Karen Kane is a women’s fashion brand that is 90% USA-made and stocked at upscale department stores. KarenKane.com

Royal Apparel is a domestic producer of well-made T-shirts, sweatshirts, activewear and other basics for men, women and children. RoyalApparel.net


These companies make housewares in the USA…

All-Clad manufactures its “bonded” cookware, with layers of stainless steel, aluminum and, in some cases, copper in the US. Other All-Clad products, such as nonstick cookware and electronic devices, often are made abroad. If a product is made in the USA, this will be noted under “Key Features” in the product description on All-Clad.com.

Fiesta still makes well-known colorful dinnerware in the same West Virginia factory that has been the company’s home for more than 80 years. Flatware and certain other Fiesta products are made abroad, however. FiestaFactoryDirect.com

High Sierra Showerheads makes high-end showerheads in California. HighSierraShowerheads.com

Igloo coolers might seem an unlikely item to still be made in the USA—plastic products almost always are imported— but select Igloo coolers are indeed USmade. Visit IglooCoolers.com and type “USA” into the searchbox.

Leesa Sleep makes its mattresses and foundations in the US, though its sheets and certain pillows are manufactured abroad. Leesa.com

Lodge Cast Iron. Lodge has made cast-iron skillets and other cookware in Tennessee since the late 19th century. Its enamel-coated cookware and most accessories are imported, however. LodgeCastIron.com

Sterilite makes plastic storage bins and other plastic products in the US. Sterilite.com

Weber grills are made in Illinois, though certain components of those grills are imported. Weber.com


It still is possible to build things in the US using tools made in the US…

Channellock makes its pliers in the US, though some of its other tools are imported. Channellock.com

Council Tool has made axes, hammers and other tools in the US for more than a century. CouncilTool.com

Estwing makes axes, hammers, knives and other hand tools in the US. Some of the company’s tools are imported, however— domestically made items have a small US flag logo next to them on the company’s website. Estwing.com

Vaughan has made hammers in the US for more than 150 years. It does import some of its other products, such as replacement saw blades. VaughanMfg.com


It is tricky to determine where a car is made (see below for cars made in the USA), but some transportation-related items are very much made in the US…

Airstream makes its famous travel trailers in Ohio (Airstream.com). It isn’t alone—other companies that make travel trailers, RVs, fifth wheels and/or truck campers in the US include Jayco (Jayco.com)…Lance Camper (LanceCamper.com)…Lazy Daze (LazyDaze.com)… Thor Motor Coach (ThorMotorCoach.com)…and Winnebago (Winnebago Ind.com). These products are likely to include some imported components.

Edelbrock makes most of its aftermarket automotive performance parts in California and North Carolina. Edelbrock.com

Harley-Davidson motorcycles sold in the US are assembled in the USA, though they do include some imported components (Harley-Davidson.com). The same is true of Indian Motorcycles (IndianMotorcycle.com).

Litespeed makes high-performance bicycles in Tennessee (Litespeed.com). Detroit Bikes makes bicycles in the US also—its factory is in Detroit, as its name implies (DetroitBikes.com).

WeatherTech makes its vehicle accessories in Illinois, including highly regarded all-weather automotive floor mats. WeatherTech.com


These all-American items seem like they should be made in the USA—and they are…

AmericanFlags.com makes American flags and a range of other flags in the USA.

Gibson still makes its electric and acoustic guitars in the US. Some Gibson- owned brands make guitars abroad, but if the guitar is sold under the Gibson name, it’s USmade. Gibson.com

Stetson handcrafts its iconic Western hats in Texas, as you’d expect. Some of the company’s other products, including wool caps and baseball caps, are made overseas. Product descriptions on the company’s website specify whether the item is USmade or imported. Stetson.com

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