Yoga does more than keep you flexible—it’s powerful medicine and helps a wide variety of ailments. And you don’t need to be super-flexible to reap wonderful benefits. And of course, it’s drug-free!

Welcome to the Bottom Line Guide to Yoga for What Ails You, where you’ll learn all about the many conditions that yoga can treat and which kind of yoga is the one that will help you. Bonus: Practicing yoga makes you look younger and feel more attractive!

Here’s how yoga can treat your ills and keep you wonderfully healthy…


Yoga for Pain Relief

Relieve Neck Pain with Home Exercise, Yoga and Qigong
Experiencing chronic mild or severe neck pain? Return to your normal life faster by getting the right treatment.

Hatha Yoga Offers Hope for Fibromyalgia Sufferers
This gentle form of yoga has been proven to help reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol, ease chronic catastrophizing pain and more…

Sore Feet? Four Feel-Better Yoga Poses
Yes, there’s even yoga poses for your feet. Correct your foot posture while releasing tension, and strengthening your calf muscles with these four poses.

Yoga for Stroke, Parkinson’s and Your Heart

Best Nondrug Approaches for Parkinson’s
Tai Chi, a yoga style composed of slow, controlled movements, is tailor made to help people with Parkinson’s.

Yoga Boosts Balance Long After a Stroke
It can help with recovery and has long-lasting benefits.

Yoga Helps with Atrial Fibrillation
While yoga has been shown to have beneficial effects on cardiovascular health, no one has ever studied its effects on AF—until now…

Yoga for Insomnia, Arthritis, and More

4 Quick Yoga Cures for Arthritis, Foot Cramps, Sleep Problems and More
Try the “Runner’s stretch”, “Cat Cow” and other poses for arthritis, fatigue, insomnia and other common health concerns.

Overcome Insomnia in Seven Minutes
This three-part routine will have you sleeping in no time. The best part? You don’t even have to get out of your bed to do them!

 To Get to Sleep Fast, Do These 6 Easy Yoga Moves
To help his patients get good sleep, yoga expert Loren Fishman, MD, shows them this amazingly simple, short, and effective routine to do before bedtime. Try it!

Fitter (and More Attractive!) You…

Tummy-Toning Yoga Poses Anyone Can Do
While sit-ups and crunches help build one of your stomach muscles, these yoga poses help build up all four key muscles. Here’s how to strengthen your core…

Yoga for Bone Health
Like running, walking and strength training, yoga is a weight-bearing exercise that helps strengthen the bones in your body. Here’s how…

Yoga for Men: The Secret to a Flat Stomach, Healthy Heart and Better Sex
Find out all you need to know about yoga, including its health benefits, how to start and how to avoid common misconceptions that have stopped many guys from giving yoga a try!

Is Hot Yoga Safe?
Just because it’s popular doesn’t mean it’s good for you.

Yoga Improves Brain Power More Than Aerobic Exercise
A study published by the Journal of Physical Activity & Health shows how this ancient practice can help keep your brain young.

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