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In this episode of The Bottom Line Advocator Podcast, Bottom Line President Sarah Hiner is joined by Suzann (“Suzie”) Pileggi Pawelski, who specializes in the science of happiness and its effects on relationships and health to discuss why it’s so hard for people to accept compliments. Suzie, who has a Masters of Applied Positive Psychology degree from University of Pennsylvania, and is co-author of Happy Together: Using the Science of Positive Psychology to Build Love that Lasts, has found that people typically respond to positive feedback in one of three unhealthy ways—deflection (brushing it off)…reciprocation (repaying the compliment as quickly as possible)…and discounting (providing reasons why the compliment isn’t really deserved). By not accepting a compliment properly, people are missing out on a level of connection with others— as well as the emotional and physical health benefits that comes with being acknowledged. Listen in as Suzie and Sarah look at this curious aspect of human behavior, discuss how it impacts relationships and detail the ways in which we can receive gratitude and compliments in a positive and healthy way.

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