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Are you one of the millions of people who heard the call of nature during the pandemic? It’s wonderful how many families have gotten away from their screens and out of their houses and headed into nature, whether it’s hiking, kayaking, paddle boarding, fishing or something else. But without proper preparation, getting back to nature can turn deadly.

In this edition of the Bottom Line Advocator Podcast with Sarah Hiner, David Boyd, public affairs officer from the White River National Forest in Colorado, joins Sarah to talk about what you need to know and do to stay safe while enjoying the many gifts nature has to offer.

Highlights of the conversation…

  • Never underestimate nature (4:25 – 5:36)
  • Surviving storms (5:36 – 7:33)
  • The most dangerous thing on an outdoor adventure (7:33 – 8:00)
  • Thunderstorm strategies (8:00 – 10:33)
  • Know your hiking capabilities (10:33 – 14:35)
  • Hiking is not just a walk in the woods (14:35 – 19:36)
  • Don’t be cheap with camping gear (19:36 – 22:01)
  • Fire danger is real (22:01 – 25:50)
  • The clean-up crew (25:50 – 29:15)
  • Animals up close and personal (29:15 – 30:55)
  • When you see a bear  (30:55 – 34:37)
  • Moose aren’t so cute (34:37 – 38:23)
  • Marmots, raccoons, foxes and more (38:23 – 42:09)
  • Should hikers carry pepper spray? (42:09 – 43:05)
  • Snake smarts  (43:05 – 44:45)
  • Water sports—even calm water is powerful  (44:45

You can learn more about the National Forest Service and the many wonderful places you can visit at USDA.gov/visit/destinations.

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