It is a fact—crooks target tourists. The products listed here can keep you and your valuables safe when traveling. Reminder: Carry only one credit card and the cash you expect to need for that day on your person. Store a second card, any remaining cash and your passport in your hotel room safe.

Hidden pocket. Tucking valuables into a storage pouch hidden on your person reduces pickpocket risk. Three options…

Money belt, also known as a waist pouch, straps around your midsection and is hidden beneath the bottom of the shirt or top of the trousers. Example: ­Venture 4th Travel Money Belt, $24.95.

Neck pouch hangs from a neck strap inside the front of a shirt. Example: Zero Grid Travel Neck Wallet, $18.99.

Belt-loop wallet hangs inside the trousers behind a trouser pocket, suspended from a strap that loops around the belt. These are difficult for pickpockets to spot, yet wearers can access them unobtrusively by pulling on the strap. Example: Shacke Hidden Travel Belt Wallet, $13.99.

Portable safe. These are not conventional safes. They’re ­ordinary-looking bags and backpacks that have locking closures, steel mesh hidden in their fabric and steel cables hidden in their straps. They can be locked to something strong, such as a metal part in a car or a pipe in a hotel room. Examples: Pacsafe Travelsafe Gii, three-, five- and 12-liter sizes, $79.85 to $129.95…FlexSafe by AquaVault, a three-by-three-by-seven-inch pouch for small valuables such as cash, keys and sunglasses, $59.95…Loctote Flak Sack Sport, a stylish backpack, $129.

Antitheft purse or backpack. These have locking zippers that make it challenging for a pickpocket to remove a wallet and thin metal cables hidden in their straps that prevent purse snatchers from slashing the strap. Some have a detachable strap that allows the bag to be secured to the back of a chair while dining. Examples: Travelon Classic, a large purse available in black, grey or navy, $34 to $53…Baggallini Securtex, a small purse available in numerous colors, $43 to $83…Travelon Urban Anti-Theft Backpack, available in black or slate, $60.

Portable door lock or jammer. The locks on rental-property doors and even hotel-room doors can’t always be trusted. A portable door security device can sound an alarm if someone tries to enter or can prevent the door from opening at all. Examples: LuckyStone Upgraded Door Stop Alarm, which sits at the base of a door and sounds an alarm if the door is opened, $8.99…DoorJammer Portable Door Lock Brace, a small device that prevents a door from opening inward, $29.99.

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