How did Halloween creep up on you so quickly? There’s no need to buy that over-priced plastic Trump mask that three other people at the party will probably have. With just a little imagination and some stuff around the house, everyone in the house can be dressed and ready for the holiday in minutes…

You Are a Junk Drawer—Wear a black sweat suit or a black leotard and tights, and pin on (or use double-sided tape) the stuff found in a junk drawer—odd pieces of string, a used-up tape dispenser, coin wrappers, twist ties, buttons, etc.

You Are a Castaway on a Desert Island—Shred the bottoms of an old pair of khaki pants or shorts. Wear them with a seen-better-days T-shirt. If you’re a man, don’t shave that day (or, even better, a few days)…if you’re a woman, fix your hair as though you haven’t put a comb through it for weeks. Man or woman, carry a volleyball named Wilson (Tom Hanks’s “companion” in the movie Cast Away).

You Are a Movie Theater Floor—Wear a black sweat suit or black leotards and tights. With double-sided tape or safety pins, attach empty candy wrappers, chewed gum, popcorn pieces, empty soda cups, ticket stubs, straws, etc. You can wear a popcorn bucket as a hat.

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