Would you like your skin to look better…and not spend a fortune on it?

Of course you would! And you’ve come to the right place—our Guide to Younger-Looking Skin. With the knowledge and tips you’ll find here, you can have smoother, more healthful-looking skin—not just your facial complexion, but the rest of your body, too—without spending lots of money or suffering the pain and risks of plastic surgery. You can actually look younger.

For instance: Try the delicious soup, brimming with nutrients, that nourishes your skin from the inside out…the wrinkle-smoothing cream that you can make for pennies in your own kitchen…and the do-it-yourself acupressure technique that some users call a “virtual face-lift.” There are great tips here for men as well as women—in fact, men are particularly fond of our expert’s milk-and-honey mask that soothes irritated skin (it’s in the “Especially for Men” section below).

Check out all of the following stories for skin that simply looks great…

Beauty from The Inside Out

Eat This Soup and Other Secrets to Healthier Skin

For the Smoothest Skin, What Matters Most Is What You Put in Your Mouth

Skin Care from the Inside Out

I’m Kicking the Sugar Habit!

Recipe for Youth: A Pinch of Basil… Ancient Herb for Anti-Aging

Lotions and Potions

Save Money: DIY Body Lotions

Home Remedies for Softer, Smoother Hands

Bye-Bye, Beard Burn

Soothe Your Rough Skin

Especially for Men (But Great for Women, Too)

Men: Natural Way to Beat Razor Burn

Eat Your Way to Hottie Status (This Is for Men, Too!)

Simple Ways to Look Younger

Lift Sags and Bags…and More

How to Look 10 Years Younger In 5 Seconds or Less

Do-It-Yourself Face-Lift

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