Why don’t spaghetti boxes close on their own without having to be taped shut? And plastic Tupperware pasta holders are not good alternatives. Here’s why (and what you can do instead)…

Do not put uncooked pasta in see-through (glass or plastic, like Tupperware) containers. Exposure to light contributes to the breakdown of the vitamin content in fortified pasta. Stored in airtight, non-see-through canisters in a cool, dry place, fortified pasta will retain its benefits for up to 18 months.

For something a little more airtight than a taped-up box, transfer leftover uncooked spaghetti to a clean potato chip can. Note that the regular-size Pringles or Lays can is a little too short for full-length spaghetti. You need to buy the “Super-Stack” variety (which can be hard to find) or break your long pasta in half, which is what we do since we usually do it anyway when we cook it. When it’s closed, it’s airtight. Store in a cool, dry place.

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