Furnaces and air-conditioning systems often collect unpleasant smells. Here’s an easy fix…

Place a few drops of lemon extract or lemon essential oil on the filter of the home’s forced-air heating/cooling system. Each time the heat or air-conditioning comes on, it will circulate the clean, pleasant smell of lemon throughout the home. A single application typically lasts for a few days, though this varies depending on how often the system runs. Do not apply more than a few drops of essential oil or extract, or the smell could be overbearing.

Thanks to Heloise for this tip. She is an internationally known newspaper columnist and contributing editor to Good Housekeeping magazine. Based in San Antonio, she is author of the syndicated “Hints from Heloise” column that runs in more than 500 newspapers around the world. She has written more than 15 books about household cleaning and organization, including Handy Household Hints from Heloise. Heloise.com

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