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Everyone deals with trauma differently—there is no playbook. Nor is there an easy path to healing, but hearing the powerful tale of a fellow victim’s success often can help.

Christine Ristaino is a professor at Emory University, where she teaches Italian literature, cultur, and language classes. Her memoir, All the Silent Spaces, shares her tale of confronting and overcoming not one…not two…but three unimaginable traumatic events. 

In this edition of the Bottom Line Advocator Podcast, Christine joins Bottom Line President Sarah Hiner to tell the story of her traumatic past—which included molestation, rape and being mugged in front of her young children.

  • A background of Christine’s three assaults (1:40 – 6:10)
  • How did Christine’s attack in front of her children affect her going forward? (6:11- 9:39)
  • How Christine approached recovery (9:40 – 13:25)
  • Why Christine chose not to report being raped in college (13:30 – 18:14)
  • What would Christine say to her attackers today? (18:15 – 22:30)
  • How Christine’s past experiences have shaped her trust with others (23:05 – 25:07)
  • What would Christine do differently? (25:09 – 26:47)
  • How did Christine approach the healing process? (26:55 – 30:28)
  • How Christine’s experiences affected her family and her marriage (30:30 – 39:58)
  • How Christine discussed being molested with her family (41:56 – 50:17)

You can learn more about Christine and her work by visiting  ChristineRistaino.com.

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