Bottom Line/Personal: One of my least favorite things is washing wine glasses. So, if I can have plastic—that’s a beautiful thing.

Amy Dixon: Absolutely. And here’s a good rule of thumb as far as keeping your stemware in good condition: never use soap in a wine glass because it leaves a residue. I always recommend to keep a shaker of baking soda next to the sink and only wash your glasses with baking soda.

Bottom Line: How do you get the lipstick off the edges of the glass?

Dixon: Elbow grease.

Bottom Line: Does the temperature of the water matter?

Dixon: Obviously with fine crystal you never want to wash it in very hot water. Which is why a lot of them are not dishwasher safe. So, as a rule of thumb I try to wash most of them by hand, but every now and then, if I’m getting really lazy and if it’s a late night after several friends have left with several bottles of wine…they end up in the dishwasher. But I try to be conscientious and use my baking soda.

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