We face a lot of tough ­questions in this world—but I think the toughest by far is… “What’s for dinner?” I’ll bet many of you are with me on this.

The answer to that question has only gotten more difficult as I have gotten older. One reason for that is I have diabetes, so I have to be very careful about my food choices. The other reason is that I am married to a bit of a foodie—my husband loves good food!

This special double issue of ­Bottom Line Personal looks at some of the reasons we eat—health, longevity and enjoyment—and how we can do it more healthfully. On our cover, we explore the best foods to extend your life…on page 18, we offer a week-by-week plan to get started on the heart-healthy Mediterranean diet…and on page 20, we give you five easy-to-make delicious recipes to reduce inflammation in your body—the kind of inflammation that increases your risk for cancer and diabetes.

But life isn’t just about eating, right? So of course, this issue is jam-packed with information on all the other important topics in your life. One of the big ones for many of you right now is Medicare—and the choices you have to make when the enrollment period rolls around next month—so see pages three and five. And then check out our special money section that explains if and how you should invest in the ­foreign markets.

Thank you for allowing Bottom Line to help you grapple with these important decisions. Now I have to go deal with the most important one of the day—what can I convince my husband to cook for dinner?

Best wishes!

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