Did you run out of paper towels? Or misplace an item you use on a regular basis? No problem! Emergency replacements can easily be found. You might even like the replacement better than the original! Here are some suggested fill-ins…

No paper towels? Use this: Grab a paper coffee filter for that spill. Coffee filters are absorbent and surprisingly strong—and although they’re more expensive than paper towels, when you have a potentially staining spill that needs action fast, it’s worth it.

No dustpan? Do this: If you need to sweep up some dirt but don’t have a dustpan, cut a paper or plastic plate in half. POOF! There’s your dustpan.

No ice scraper? Use this: Frosty nights are just around the corner! If Jack Frost visits your car windshield during the night and you don’t have a proper ice scraper, use a plastic dustpan—it will do the scraping job without scratching the windshield.

No jar opener? Try this: Use the grippy underside of a mouse pad to open stubborn jar lids.

No funnel? Do this: Cut a 20-inch piece of heavy-duty aluminum foil, fold it in half and then roll the double thickness into a cone shape. Cut off the pointed end, and it’s ready to be used as a funnel.

Or do this: Water, milk and orange juice often come in plastic gallon jugs. Turn one of these cleaned, empty jugs upside down, cut it in half horizontally and use it as a funnel for liquids or dry material, such as dog food or birdseed.

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